Swimming for Zeus may start out as an after school activity, but for many it can have a more lasting impact in terms of lifelong friendships, a commitment to fitness, goal setting and team. Swimming is a great year round exercise that benefits the body and mind and, what’s more, is fun!

It is good for your health and weight loss. Whatever your age or ability, swimming is an option. Zeus Swim Team has different squad levels to meet your swimmer’s needs, depending on if their goals are more recreational or competitive.

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Individual Medley


Healthy Lifestyle

Swimming is most certainly about mind, body and spirit. Swimming regularly promotes whole-body fitness improving strength, flexibility and conditioning. It is relatively injury-free when compared to other sports. Swimming also teaches a child to strive for physical achievement and technical proficiency over time.

Beyond the physical benefits, swimmers develop personal and social maturity pretty quickly. They become more in tune with their bodies and learn important life lessons that come from relationships with coaches, officials, teammates and other athletes. The sport helps children work toward meaningful goals that developing essential skills and qualities that carry over into other areas of life such as school and work.

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Swimmer Spotlight

Our Swimmers

  • Zeus is about building motivation, good friends, hard practice, and fun!

    Patrick, 15

  • The coaches are nice and push me to be a better swimmer.

    Hannah, 11

  • Zeus is a family of great coaches and hard working swimmers. It teaches kids skills that not only produce good swimmers, but transfer beyond pool. All that while they form friendships and enjoy each other's company!

    Jowita, Parent

  • I love the open swim and pool parties!

    Evan, 10

  • My coaches are the best, they are always understanding and helpful. I love the great friendships I've made over the years.

    Jaliyah, 13

  • Our daughter has been on Zeus 8 years. It’s absolutely her second family. Her best friends are from Zeus. When she goes to college, Zeus will leave a big hole. But those friendships will remain.

    Rich, Parent

  • Zeus is about working together and having fun.

    Victoria, 12

  • Coach Dennis and the entire coaching staff have been such a positive influence on my daughter since she joined Zeus.

    Jenn, Swim Mom

  • We love watching all of the kids work as a team while striving to attain their personal goals.

    Paul, Parent