Does your child like to swim? Have they expressed an interest in swimming more? Are you looking for a safe, fun, and health-promoting sport? We are glad you are considering America’s second most popular sports activity. Not only will your child benefit from exceptional swim technique training, physical conditioning, healthy competition and community, they will build confidence and skills that last a lifetime.

To Join, follow these 3 Simple Steps:

Step 1:  Attend a Free Try-It-Out Swimmer Assessment

Twice a year at the beginning of each swim season, Zeus holds Open Try-It-Out Swimmer Assessment Days for prospective new swimmers. Our coaches evaluate your child’s swimming ability and answer any questions you might have about joining our swim team family.

At other times during the year, you can also REQUEST to meet with one of our coaches for a personal assessment. Send a Try-It-Out Request

For the Try-It-Out Session:

  • Bring your child with a swimsuit and towel (goggles are optional)
  • Complete and Bring “Try-It-Out Form”

Our coaches strive to make this process fun, and will provide both you and your swimmer with valuable feedback.


Compared to other athletic programs, joining the Zeus Swim Team’s year-round program offers some of the best value for your dollar. Our free Try-It-Out process gives you the opportunity to see if joining our swim team family is right for your family. It’s easy to get started.

Step Two: Invitation to join Zeus

Once evaluated, your child may be invited to join one of our Zeus practice squads. Our coach will contact you with evaluation results and answer questions about joining our swim team family. Our goal is to help find the best plan for your developing swimmer.

Step Three: Register your swimmer

Finally, if you decide that Zeus is right for your family, you will need to register your child. Once registered, your child will be assigned to one of our practice squads based on age, ability and maturity level. We accept credit cards on our website for your convenience. As a registered U.S. Swimming member, you’ll get access to your own private account to keep track of swim meets, your children’s swim times and more.

Try-It-Out Schedule

09/16/2017 | 8am-10am | Norwalk High School, Norwalk CT
09/19/2017 | 5pm-8pm | Norwalk High School, Norwalk CT

*Don't forget to bring your try-it-out application with you.
You can download the form from here


Starting at $1,535 annually for both Short and Long course seasons
and vary by practice squad.
Monthly payment plans are available.
10% Sibling and 3% Pre-Payment Discounts apply.
Scholarships available for qualified families. View application and requirements.

Season Schedule

Short Course Season (25 Yard Pool Meets) ~ Sept to March
Long Course Season (50 Meter Pool Meets) ~ April to July