Welcome to Zeus Swim Team, the longest running, competitive youth swim team in Norwalk, Connecticut. We believe that your child’s swim journey is as important as the destination, and offer each swimmer an opportunity to become the best they can be.

We know that swimming builds confidence, skills and character that translate into lasting results both in and out of the pool. If you have kids who love to swim, we’ve got water, expert coaching, proven results and a friendly, fun, diverse, family-focused community.

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  • March, 2017

    Short Course Post-Season Qualifiers

    Announcing our 2016/2017 Short Course season qualifiers for Senior Championships and…

    Short Course Post-Season Qualifiers

    Announcing our 2016/2017 Short Course season qualifiers for Senior Championships and Age Groups. We had many great times, personal bests and a memorable amount of Zeus records broken. Congratulations to all! #ZeusProud


    • Melissa Burnham (16)
    • Ashley Calderon (14)
    • Liam Colleran (16)
    • Katherine Czulewicz (16)
    • Christopher Dauser (14)
    • Marcelo Leite (13)
    • Hayley Linder (16)
    • Paul-Alexander Parizot (16)
    • Caroline Petropoulos (14)
    • Emily Reinoso (17)
    • Pamela Reinoso (14)
    • Mateo Roldan-Vasco (15)
    • Katherine Stidolph (13)
    • Henry Velazquez (14)
    • Ashley Calderon (14)
    • Jorge Chajon (14)
    • Zofia Chmiel (12)
    • Nora Choukri (11)
    • Christopher Dauser (14)
    • Jenna Depasquale (13)
    • Kate Fedor (9)
    • Natalia Ferranto (12)
    • Kristopher Flores (10)
    • Quinn Gilbertson (10)
    • Rhianna Gilbertson (13)
    • Marcelo Leite (13)
    • Louis-Maximilian Parizot (14)
    • Caroline Petropoulos (14)
    • Alex Pysk (14)
    • Pamela Reinoso (14)
    • Morgan Saunders (12)
    • Julia Stidolph (10)
    • Katherine Stidolph (13)
    • Henry Velazquez (14)
    • Wyatt Vitiello (8)


    Note from Coach Dennis:

    I hope all is well. I just wanted to send a quick note before the end of short course season. As you all might know we are preparing to take off to the Sunkissed Invitational meet this week with 41 qualifiers for the last competition of short course season. Up until this point we have had a great month of competition after competition and great performances by our team. Our team has shown resilience, dedication and a great amount of perseverance.

    As a coach, I couldn’t’t have asked for a better more dedicated, prideful, hard working group of swimmers. We have performed extremely well from 8 and under championships, Age Group Championships all the way up to Senior open Championships. The hard work truly shows when our swimmers are placed in a nerve racking situation and they come out on top. 

    We have had 33 team records broken this year alone within the past few months and are looking forward to seeing a few more records be broken this coming weekend. Those are just a few of the great things I would like to share now and I know there will be plenty more to come.

  • February, 2017

    2017 Swim-A-Thon

    Congratulations to our Zeus team for raising about $24,000 for…

    2017 Swim-A-Thon

    Congratulations to our Zeus team for raising about $24,000 for the Swim-A-Thon fundraiser that benefits both our team and supports Special Olympics. It was an uplifting day to see all our swimmers reach their goal amount of laps. This event raises much needed money to help fund team operations and fulfill our commitment to support the Special Olympics. 

    Special thanks to our top fundraisers and prize-winner: 



    9 and Under – Wyatt Vitiello $1405

    10-13 – Jenna DePasquale $1890

    Wins Beats Solo3 Headphones

     14 and over – Liam Colleran $1050

    Wins Beats Solo3 Headphone

    Most Money Raised on Team – Jenna DePasquale

    Wins $300.00 Visa Gift Card

    Most Money Raised before Zeus Holiday Party – Jenna DePasquale

    Wins $50.00 Visa Gift Card


    And the top squad: Silver 2 $4930.00

    Wins Pizza & Ice Cream Party

    Followed by #2: Gold $4,120.00

    Followed by #3: Rockets: $3,591.00

    In terms of overall participation, 74 out of our 110 swimmers raised money.


    Thank you everyone!

    The Zeus Swim Team Administration

  • Swimmer Spotlight

    Stephanie Czulewicz

    "Zeus not only taught me how to be a competitive swimmer, this team also opened up so many opportunities for me that I will forever be grateful for. My coaches guided the path to Division 1 Swimming for me at Central. If it wasn't for them I would not have achieved all my accomplishments. I wish all the younger Zeus swimmers the best of luck in their future swimming careers. "